Spring is in the air here in East Texas. Even though temperatures dipped pretty low last night for our area of the world, I can FEEL springs’ approach. Feel it. Yes, I do feel it. All over. My ears tingle, and not in a pleasant way. Little, weird bumps line the sides of my tongue. My back, head, stomach, and legs cry for my fingernails to scratch away the incessant itch that spring brings. And lets not even talk about my nose. For the last couple of weeks, I wake up each morning with a nose so stuffed, it whistles as I attempt to inhale and exhale. Spring is a pain.

When I feel well enough, I do try to get outside to look at all the pretty flowers. We have a lot here in East Texas! It’s absolutely beautiful here. Azaleas, roses, and daffodils are all starting to bloom. And the trees are flowering! Dogwoods, pear trees, tulip trees! A feast for the eye, but infestation for the skin! So, I’ll be enjoying the view from my bedroom window, hopped up on zyrtec and benadryl!

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About The Princess Blogger

I'm a forty-something year old working mother of one adult son who hopes to adopt more children! I am married to a man who is too hip for his own good. I work...alot. We live in beautiful East Texas. No tumbleweeds here, unless you've imported them from West Texas. No, just the tall piney woods. Love this place.

2 responses to “Spring”

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says :

    Ugh, I know that feeling – allergies! I do wish spring would peek it’s head out here, though. We’re still cold and, it seems, waiting for another snowstorm…blah.

  2. andy1076 says :

    So envious of your weather, Vancouver is barely warming up still😦

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