Life.  It’s what many of us blog about.  And sometimes, we blog, blog, watch our stats, blog, link up to others blogs, and then we look up and see life happening all around us.  That’s happening to me this week.  Life.  Unexpected.  Requiring my full attention.

On normal Thursdays, I’d be posting to  Here are her prompts for this week:

The Prompts:

1.) Describe the last argument you had or witnessed.
2.) Tell us about a “character” in your town or neighborhood who left an impression on you. (inspired byGo Dansker Mom)
3.) If I gave you $500 today, but you could use it for only one purchase, what would you buy and why?
4.) Thursday, March 7th is National Cereal Day…write about your favorite cereal when you were a child. How has it changed?
5.) List 10 random things you know how to do.


I won’t be linking up today, because, like I said, LIFE is requiring my full attention.  Those of you who don’t post there, check her out!

About The Princess Blogger

I'm a forty-something year old working mother of one adult son who hopes to adopt more children! I am married to a man who is too hip for his own good. I work...alot. We live in beautiful East Texas. No tumbleweeds here, unless you've imported them from West Texas. No, just the tall piney woods. Love this place.

One response to “Life”

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says :

    Hmm…I know exactly where you’re coming from. Realized I haven’t posted because I just have too much “life” going on the last week. Here’s to it!

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